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Welcome to the new official site of FIMBA International Maxibasketball. With a newly developed branding, new content and an adaptive design for the new mobile technologies the site is now the reflection of the growth and the new stage of the International Federation who organize and develop international Maxibasketball with excellence, breaking records every year in the best mega-sporting events in the world. You are welcome and we hope you enjoy it.

Maxibasketball is the last basketball category. It starts at 30 years old in women and at 35 in men. The category is divided into sub-categories of five years of age each (e.g. 35 to 40, 40 to 45, etc). The players are second and third age people who want to continue doing sports and practicing basketball actively. The practice ends (for now) with the 70 years old category for men. Maxibasketball category is a space for high performance competition for each age group, once the time of high competition is over. Thousands of players around the world show the advantages of the sport continuity for improving the quality of life in maturity. They rise as examples for the youth, and show others new ways to avoid the damages from sedentarism, smoking, and drugs. FIMBA was created to promote, organize, develop, manage and control the practice of Maxibasketball. Several different countries take part in the events organized by FIMBA. The most important event is the famous FIMBA WORLD MAXIBASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. Every two years a new city around the world has the opportunity to hold the Tournament. The website is designed to open and show the world of Maxibasketball to everyone. You could find all the important information about the category and FIMBA. You would read about maxibasketball history since its creation until today, the activities in the different countries, and all the national and international FIMBA events. The update calendar with all the future social and sports events promoted by FIMBA is in the website. Also, you could find statistics, rules of the game, pictures of past tournaments and events, and much more. The site is in permanent expansion, just like Maxibasketball. If you play basketball or did it once, we would like to invite you to visit a Maxibasketball association close to your house and start enjoying your passion. Moreover, if you want to be in the most important celebration in the world, make friends, watch again the great figures of all the times, use the opportunity for sightseeing, and visit amazing and new places, we would like to invite you to the next FIMBA World Championship. Come with your family and surprise yourself. We hope you could understand the size and importance of maxibasketball movement. Enjoy surfing the site! Franco Zullich Communication Director

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