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Eugene-Springfield 2010

6th Pan-American Maxibasketball Championship
Eugene-Springfield 2010

Oregon, United States. 
July 2nd to 10th

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Female 40+  
1st Puesto Brazil
2nd Puesto Dominican R.
Female 35+  
1st Puesto Dominicana R.
2nd Puesto USA
Male 75+  
1st Place Warriors
2nd Place USA 75
3rd Place E.B. Saloon
4th Place Sharks USA
Male 70+  
1st Place Warriors US
2nd Place Chile
3rd Place E.B. Saloon US
4th Place Uruguay
Male 65+  
1st Place Ancient Regime US
2nd Place E.B. Saloon
3rd Place Sambucca US
4th Place SpokaneUS
Male 60+  
1st Place Brazil
2nd Place Spokane USA
3rd Place Colombia USA
4th Place Costa Rica
Male 55+  
1st Place Express Empl. USA
2nd Place Brazil
3rd Place Panama
4th Place Ecuador
Male 50+  
1st Place Brazil
2nd Place Half FOM USA
3rd Place Chile
4th Place Total Pkg USA
Male 45+  
1st Place Brazil
2nd Place DUK-USA
3rd Place Dominican R.
Male 40+  
1st Place Brazil
2nd Place Dominican R.
3rd Place Chile
Male 35+  
1st Place Uruguay

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