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Clarion Hotel
Hamburg 2006

4th European Maxibasquetball Championship

Hamburo 2006
Germany, July 29th to August 6th.

Men 35   Men 40
1st Russia I (Baltic Star)   1st Poland
2nd Ukraine


2nd Greece
3rd Russia II (Great and Co)   3rd Russia III (Moscow)
4th Serbia


4th Czech
5th Russia (Karelja)   5th Georgia
6th Greece   6th Russia IV (Samara)
      7th Russia I (Telta)
      8th Germany
      9th Lithuania (Taurage)
Men 45   Men 50
1st Italy (Pesaro)   1st Lithuania (National)
2nd Slovenia   2nd Russia IV (Karelia)
3rd Russia III   3rd Germany
4th Finland   4th Estonia
5th Russia II (Conti)   5th Greece (Thessaloniki 50)
6th Lithuania (BBG Perlas)   6th Russia V (Sedoy Ural)
7th Russia I (Auto Queen)   7th Finland (Honka)
8th Germany 45+   8th Lithuania (Vilnius 50+)
9th Ireland (Rathmines)   9th Sweden (50+)
10th Croatia   10th Ukraine (Nikolaev)
11th Latvia (IOS)   11th Russia II (Yugra)
12th Italy I (Rimini)   12th Slovenia
      13th Latvia
Men 55   Men 60
1st Russia (Suvar)   1st Lithuania (Team 60+)
2nd Moldova (55+)   2nd Russia (Gerb-Nevsky)
3rd Russia (Kandel Klub)   3rd Estonia
4th Germany (55+)   4th Finland
5th Lithuania   5th Russia (60 Ufa)
6th Finland      
7th Russia (Samara)      
Men 65   Men 70
1st Lithuania (Vilnius)   1st Finland 
2nd Estonia   2nd Germany
3rd Finland (65+)      
4th Russia (St. Petersburg)   Guest: USA (won 4 games)
5th Latvia (65)      
Ladies 30   Ladies 35
1st Croatia   1st Germany (35+)
2nd Lithuania   2nd Latvia (Cesis 35+)
3rd Slovenia   3rd Lithuania (35+)
      4th Finland
Ladies 40   Ladies 45
1st Russia (Novosibirsk)   1st Russia
2nd Poland   2nd Lithuania (Vilnius)
3rd Germany   3rd Czech
4th Latvia   4th Croatia
5th Finland      
Ladies 50
1st Lithuania  (Kamane)
2nd Finland (Golden Girls)
3rd Germany (Bav. Baskets)
4th Estonia (Tallinn)


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